About us

50 Years of experience in plastics !

In 1961, the Ajas company was founded as a plastics processing plant. Six years later, polyurethane material was used for the first time. Since 1977, Ajas GmbH has been exclusively focusing on processing polyurethane.


In 1961, Ajas GmbH started to do consulting and planning work for our customers and took up production in Hennef-Uckerath. In 2001 the company expanded and moved to the new factory premises in Buchholz-Mendt in the Westerwald region.

Production equipment

For handling the polyurethane systems, we have available twelfe modern mixing and metering units. Our machinery and production processes comply with the current environmental regulations.

Our team

Our company depends on the commitment and competence of the people working for it. It can rely on the expertise and experience of approx. 50 employees.

This is the wealth of information and knowledge that you can benefit from.